COVID 19 UPDATE: School Closing Dates

After careful consideration, we have decided to act in accordance with the local schools and athletic organizations and cancel classes for 1 week starting Monday 3/16 thru Sunday 3/22. We will reopen on Monday 3/23 with a normal schedule.

As we move past this challenging time, we will be conducting two “Catch Up Camps” for our children’s classes, free of charge, to be held on Sundays (dates TBA). We will also be posting several home practice videos starting Monday (3/16), which will guide our parents thru a workout to do with their kids during the time off. Lookout for this in our Trigon Parent’s Facebook group!

In addition to our already strict disinfecting schedule, we have been taking consistent measures to sanitize frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, benches, and counters. We will be asking members to wash their hands before and after each class, and avoiding training until any illness has passed for 48 hours.

While we are reluctant to close the academy, we understand the idea behind social distancing over the upcoming week or two in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. This should help to allow our healthcare system and testing capability time to get ahead of the virus and avoid much of the overcrowding and panic other countries have seen. Let’s all do our part; we’re in this together.

We look forward to returning back to our normal schedule after the next week off with the amazing community at Trigon Martial Arts! We thank you for your continued support!

- John Giotis and the Trigon Academy staff

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