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East Northport Kids Martial Arts

Look no further! My (somewhat nervous) kids started here at ages 5 and 7...they look forward to each and every class and watching them during class, they are so happy, engaged and focused. In addition to martial arts skills, they are having a blast while learning focus, respect (for themselves as well as others!), a work ethic, self-esteem, determination...the list could be endless! The staff and the instructors are so kind and sincere. I am thrilled that my children are training at Trigon. I don't write many reviews, but this is a business that deserves it.

Tricia W

East Northport Kids Martial Arts

My 3 kids trained at Trigon for many years. Their training not only taught them self defense and confidence but going through the step by step belt process with short and long term goals taught them to work hard each day one little step at a time to accomplish any goal in your life (other sports, college goals etc). The amazing teachers at Trigon have been truly wonderful role models in my 3 kids lives. I also kickboxing there and absolutely love the workout both mentally and physically!!


East Northport Kids Martial Arts

My two boys love going here and are always eager to share with their friends all that they know and have been learning! They not only learn discipline and patience but are becoming stronger and having fun too! I also feel like the staff here are very friendly and skilled, are extremely patient with the kids and seem to just love what they do! It naturally mirrors what they teach. I highly recommend.

Sherry V

East Northport Kids Martial Arts

My son trained at Trigon for over 10 years. Both sense Mike and John instilled the most wonderful values as they modeled behaviors that he carries with him to this day. I trained as well and built confidence as well as muscles. The best part is the family environment they have created. You really feel at home at the studio.

Elizabeth G

East Northport Kids Martial Arts

Our daughter has been going here for almost 2 yrs. She has learned so much, made lots of friends and her listening skills have improved quite a bit. She loves to go, wishes she could go every day!

The owners and staff are first rate. Highly recommended for kids of all ages. My wife and I have even done kickboxing there and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Larry J

East Northport Kids Martial Arts

My girls love coming to class each week. The instructors are amazing. They work with each child's strengths and always makes them feel successful. It is very welcoming environment. You should definitely check it out.

Bob L

East Northport Kids Martial Arts

There aren't enough stars to give. My 10 year old attends classes here, it is a wonderful atmosphere, the instructors are amazing! discipline, focus and learning while at the same time having fun! Highly recommend!

Kristine M

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