Erik Shalitski, Martial Arts Instructor

Erik Shalitski

Erik is a full-time instructor at Trigon Academy teaching adults, children, and Fitness Kickboxing.  He has a natural knack with children that allows him to make learning fun and effective, and his fitness classes are high energy for real results!  He is always available to help you with questions, membership, or your training needs.  

Erik's experience includes:  

• Instructor of Tracies Kempo Karate

• Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

• Brown belt Goshin (self defense) Jiu Jitsu

• 5 years experience teaching Kickboxing, Boxing and Karate from children to adults

• Gold at Queen City Labin Laro 2013 point stick fighting

• Silver at Queen City Labin Laro 2014 continuous stick fighting

• Silver at 2013 Arnold Sports Classic Kickboxing tournament

• Gold at 2014 Arnold Sports Classic Kickboxing tournament

• Experience in local Karate events

• Winning record as coach for amateur Kickboxers

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