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East Northport Kids Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In May

When you enroll your child in the action-packed Kids Martial Arts classes at Trigon Academy of Martial Arts, you'll see a side of your child you never have before! That's because our martial arts classes for kids bring out the inner champion in every child by giving kids a great workout and imparting valuable skills like leadership, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-defense skills that kids can't get from any other activity!


Kids Martial Arts in East Northport

We offer age and skill appropriate classes for your child so that they are never bored or left behind.

  • Future Dragons (ages 3 - 4 1/2)

The Future Dragons classes at Trigon Academy of Martial Arts will help your child develop listening skills, goal setting and basic motor skills in a positive social environment. Our instructors are experts at working with young children, and continually enhance their pre-school teaching skills with the most cutting-edge methods available. We encourage you to come in and watch a children's class! We are confident that once you see how our instructors interact with kids, you will understand why our program is so popular.

  • Little Dragons (ages 4 1/2 - 6)

Emphasizing focus, discipline, concentration and fun, our Little Dragons program is not only fun for kids, it also develops life skills in classes that center around different themes including: focus, balance, teamwork, discipline, fitness, coordination, control and courage. We have a trained staff of patient instructors who love to work with children, but are also very clear about limits. We we enforce good rules of behavior in class, and we expect the same good behavior at home and in school.

Kids Martial Arts in East Northport

  • Juniors (ages 7-12)

Trigon's Juniors program concentrates on teaching confidence, focus, leadership, bully prevention and a non-quitting spirit. Students will learn "hard" style techniques such as punches and kicks, but will come to rely on "soft" movements such as joint locks, hold downs, throws and ground grappling as they learn Jiu-Jitsu techniques. This allows our students to use an appropriate level of force necessary to keep them safe whether dealing with a schoolyard bully or an adult stranger.

  • Teens (ages 13-17)

Martial Arts is an ideal activity for teenagers building self-esteem, fitness, camaraderie, courtesy, focus and non-quitting spirit. In martial arts training, no one sits in on the bench and each student progresses at their own pace. Our young martial artists not only learn realistic self-defense skills but they also learn that the best solution to a threat is to diffuse and avoid a potential fight. With a mixed curriculum of grappling, striking, self-defense and Filipino Kali (martial art based on use of the stick), our teenagers learn to train hard in a safe, structured environment. Most importantly, our new students join a family of like-minded individuals who have strong work ethic, respect and a non-quitting spirit.

Kids Martial Arts in East Northport



Whichever Kids Martial Arts class is right for you, you'll find the benefits are endless! Alongside strong martial arts lessons taught by our excellent instructors, every student will learn the importance of kindness, physical fitness and confidence in their abilities.

Our Kids Martial Arts are packed with great benefits! Just take a look:

  • A great way to get your child passionate about physical fitness
  • Better listening skills that lead to great grades
  • Improved attention span and ability to concentrate
  • Your child's self-respect and confidence will skyrocket
  • We'll teach your child self-defense, bully prevention and personal safety


To find out more about any of our amazing Kids Martial Arts classes, just complete the brief, no-obligation form on this page. When you do, we'll give you all the details you need to get your child started in one of the Kids Martial Arts classes at Trigon Academy, today!

kids martial arts Program Age Groups

  • From Age 3 To 4 (Future Dragons)
  • From Age 5 To 6 (Little Dragons)
  • From Age 7 To 12 (Juniors)
  • From Age 13 To 16 (Teens)

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